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Resolving Challenges In The Real Estate

The theme for the 2020 Real Estate National Conference is ‘Resolving Challenges in Real Estate’ and the major discussions would be centred on the theme. The Conference will be held on February 21, 2020, at The Pearl Resort in Deuba.

REALB Chairman, Dr. Abdul Hassan said his team came up with the theme after critically analysing and reflecting on the activities of REALB over the past years.

“Annual National Conference was scheduled in November last year but postponed due to the measles outbreak in the neighbouring districts. We had no option, but to delay the Conference to another date. We appreciate the support and understanding shown by all stakeholders and participants” Dr. Hassan said.

“I have been actively involved in the operations of REALB with my hardworking team on Road Shows, Talanoa Sessions and Public Consultations around the country. While on the ground, we have discovered several issues such as the involvements of people selling properties without holding license from REALB. This remains a strong challenge for REALB to control such illegal activities in the future.

“Several Real Estate Agents also failed to inform the potential buyers or tenants about the stigma associated with a property. Last year, members of the public raised questions on agents not disclosing such information to them.”

Hassan said in the Conference through the information sharing with the agents, REALB and the other stakeholders should be able to find solutions to the challenging issues in the real estate sector.

“The agents would be able to enhance their knowledge from the speakers who would cover on issues affecting real estate. We will have speakers from various organizations including the public and private sectors. There would be four sessions and at the end of each session, questions and answers would be allowed,” Dr. Hassan said.

“On a broad basis the major topics would cover on Consumer Protection and Awareness and Compliance with Regulatory Authorities. In the latter part of the Conference, the discussions would focus on Development, Finance, and Approvals by the regulatory authorities. The final session will be on the Building Sector and Real Estate.”

To-date REALB has received 96 confirmation from the real estate agents and salesperson to attend the Annual National Conference.

For any further enquires contact Communications Officer, Pravin Narain on or call 3300355.

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