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PRESS RELEASE: Public Alert: Beware of bogus agents in Fiji

The Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) issues a public alert following a report of fraudulent activity by a bogus real estate agent operating in Fiji.

A recent incident has brought to light the risks associated in engaging with an unauthorized individual who claimed to offer rental properties.

In a concerning case, a tenant was targeted by a fraudulent individual who advertised a rental property on social media. The victim, having expressed interest in renting the property, was instructed to transfer the rent money of $400 via MPAISA.

Sensing something amiss, the victim suggested meeting in person to make a cash payment but was met with resistance from the supposed agent, who instead urged them to visit the property located in Samabula.

Upon visiting the property, the victim was shocked to discover that an elderly person present, who claimed to be the property owner, had no knowledge of any rental arrangements.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the images of the advertised property were unlawfully obtained from a legitimate real estate company in Lautoka and falsely presented as a rental property in Suva.

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder for individuals seeking rental accommodations to exercise caution and vigilance when dealing with real estate agents, especially those operating through social media platforms.

REALB advises the public to consider the following tips to avoid falling victim to rental scams:

  1. Always verify the credentials and licensing status of real estate agents or agencies before entering into any transactions. Check with REALB to ensure that the agent is duly licensed and authorised to conduct real estate activities.

  2. Whenever possible, arrange to meet real estate agents in person to discuss rental agreements and view properties. Be wary of agents who avoid face-to-face meetings or pressure you to make payments without proper verification.

  3. Conduct thorough research on properties advertised online, including verifying the ownership and legitimacy of the listings.

  4. If you encounter any suspicious or fraudulent behavior, report it to REALB and relevant authorities for investigation.


REALB also advises real estate agent companies to enhance their security measures and ethical standards. Some recommended tips for real estate agent companies include:

  1. Educate clients about the risks of rental scams and provide guidance on how to identify legitimate real estate agents and properties.

  2. Regularly monitor online platforms and social media channels for unauthorised use of property listings or fraudulent activities.

  3. Foster transparency and accountability within your organisation by adhering to ethical standards and regulatory requirements.

By working together to raise awareness, implement preventive measures, and uphold ethical standards, we can collectively combat rental scams and protect consumers from falling victim to fraudulent activities in the real estate sector.



Real Estate Agents Licensing Board of Fiji (REALB) is a corporate statutory body of the Fijian Government.

REALB has a range of duties which include licensing real estate agents, granting permits as well as certificates of approval for salespersons, providing approval for branch managers and also approving the opening of new branch offices for real estate agents.

Additionally REALB plays is to take disciplinary action against real estate agents and salespersons, including the cancellation or suspension of Licenses, in situations such as misconduct and criminal convictions.

Our job is to promote a high standard of service and professionalism in the Industry and at the same time safeguarding consumer interest.


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