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REALB Investigating A Company For The Alleged Breach Of The Act

Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) is investigating a real estate company that is alleged to have involved unregistered salespersons to carry out real estate activities in the country.

REALB has received the complaint and the Compliance and Monitoring team has begun its investigation into the case.

The said company is operating in Nadi where these persons were working prior to the complaint received by REALB.

Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) chairman Dr Abdul Hassan said the agent is believed to be breaching the provisions of the REALB act. This is allegedly done through engaging people who are not approved by REALB to act as salesperson.

"REALB is following up on this case with due diligence and have instructed the real estate agent to send the detailed report to the Board. We have received the response from the concerned company, but further investigation is required,” he said.

“This matter would be referred to the Board in due course. However, the advice to other real estate agents is that it is unlawful for the agents to employ his or her staff as salespersons if they are not granted certificate of approval to be involved in buying and selling of properties or other real estate activities,” Dr Hassan said.

Section 41 of the 2006 Real Estate Agents Act states that a person who is not being the holder of a certificate of approval then in force, acts as a salesperson on behalf of a licensed real estate agent commits an offence.

Dr Hassan said REALB had made awareness on these issues on number of occasions through Talanoa Sessions and other forums highlighting to the agents to follow the act closely when dealing with real estate activities.

"We would not entertain such conduct and actions from the agents as it makes difficult for the Board to enforce the provisions of REALB act. For such agents, disciplinary actions will be taken.

"In the past, REALB, had been conducting spot checks on the agents, however, currently it has been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

For any further enquires contact Communications Officer, Pravin Narain on or call 3300355.

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