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Officers engage with students during the USP Open Day

The Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) actively participated in the highly anticipated University of the South Pacific (USP) Open Day on Friday last week (29 September 2023).

The day-long event provided a valuable platform for REALB to engage with students and educate them about the diverse career opportunities within the real estate industry and address crucial issues pertaining to the field.

As part of the daylong program, REALB's dedicated team, representing the organization under the School of Land Management, guided and informed students about the myriad career paths available in the real estate sector. The REALB booth at the event was a hub of activity as students eagerly sought information about courses and career prospects within the industry.

Through interactive discussions, informative presentations, and engaging conversations, the REALB team demonstrated the opportunities and challenges that the real estate industry presents, further igniting students' curiosity and interest.

REALB expresses its gratitude to the University of the South Pacific for organizing this event, which enabled the organization to connect with enthusiastic students eager to explore the possibilities within the real estate sector.


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