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Fostering a collaborative environment for learning

The Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) marked a significant milestone in fostering a safe and informed real estate industry with the successful conclusion of a Talanoa Session for agents in the Western Division held on Thursday, October 12, at the Grand West Villas in Nadi.

The Talanoa Session served as a platform for real estate professionals to engage in open dialogue and gain valuable insights into addressing critical issues within the industry.

The session featured guest speakers, Ms Ilisapeci Veibuli of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and Director Legal SSP Rajesh Krishna of the Fiji Police Force.

Ms. Veibuli, as the representative of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, shared her expertise in dealing with instances of sexual harassment. Her insightful presentation had equipped attendees with the necessary knowledge and tools to address and prevent such incidents within the workplace setting and in the public domain.

The interactive nature of the Talanoa Session allowed participants to engage in meaningful discussions and ask questions,

Director Legal SSP Rajesh Krishna of the Fiji Police Force complemented the session by providing a legal perspective on addressing and combatting sexual harassment. His presentation shed light on the legal framework, offering agents a comprehensive understanding of their rights and responsibilities in ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace.

REALB is committed to promoting professionalism, ethical conduct, and a supportive environment within the real estate sector. The success of the Talanoa Session underscores REALB's dedication to empowering its agents with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate complex issues and contribute to a safer and more inclusive industry.

The event not only served as a forum for education and awareness but also as a testament to REALB's proactive approach in addressing contemporary challenges faced by real estate professionals.

As the real estate landscape evolves, the Board remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the skills and awareness of its agents.


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