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Northern Division annual inspection and roadshow

The Real Estate Agents Licensing Board team completed its annual inspection and roadshow in the Northern Division last week.

Out of the 85 inspections carried out by REALB this year, 51 were conducted in the Central Division, 30 in the Western Division and 4 in the Northern Division.


In conducting the inspection, the compliance and monitoring officer monitored agents’ activities so as to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


The annual inspection by the REALB is part of its engagement with the industry.

Guidelines and requirements include display, particulars of sale form (2 percent commission), written contract of agency, records of transaction and inspection of invoice books, receipt books and transaction related documentations.


Compliance and Monitoring Officer, Vinal Singh said discussions about particulars of sale form and license number displayed on the signboards and advertisements were a few things that were discussed during the inspection.


Other discussions included

  1. Online agent’s portal applications

  1. Talanoa session and national conference feedback

  2. Renewal application of salesperson and agent’s

  3. Supplementary form - to be filled in the excel file


The REALB wishes to remind all its agents to submit their license applications on time to avoid processing delays, to be vigilant and to operate within the ambits of the law.

For the general public, any query relating to any real estate matter or real estate agent, can be sent to the REALB office contact provided below.

The REALB encourages the public to ask questions if unsure and ensure proper documents are kept for the record.


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