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First quarterly radio talkback show

The Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) were guest speakers at the HOPE FM 107, Bringing you Hope and Ashna FM radio talkback show, held at their studio in Suvavou, Lami today.

This first quarterly radio talkback show for the year is part of REALB’s continuous industry engagement.

This initiative provides a platform for REALB to engage with the community and shed light on critical issues within the real estate industry.

Two key representatives from REALB delved into various aspects of the real estate landscape.

The team elaborated on the roles and functions of the organization, fostering a deeper understanding of the real estate sector among the audience, the 5th National Real Estate Conference and the 2 percent cap on real estate commissions that was repealed by Government.

Highlights from the program:

Role of REALB

The program offered an opportunity for REALB to share with listeners its regulatory role and functions, ensuring transparency and understanding among the listeners.

Industry Insights

REALB representatives shared valuable insights into the current state of the real estate industry, addressing market trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Educational Focus

REALB emphasized the importance of public awareness and promoting informed decision-making among property buyers and sellers.

Update on 5th National Real Estate Conference

The conference was centered around the theme “Real Estate Education and Opportunities” and had more than 100 attendees including representatives from real estate agencies and key industry stakeholders.

The Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Trade, Co-operative, SME’s & Communications, Hon Manoa Kamikamica was the key note speaker together with industry leaders as speakers and panelists at the largest annual gathering of real estate professionals.

REALB also expanded its global reach and invited a speaker from New Zealand, to share their perspective on the importance of targeted educational programs specific to the industry.

2 per cent cap on commissions

The Coalition Government has repealed the 2 per cent cap on commissions charged by real estate agents on properties below $500,000.

This collaboration aligns with REALB's commitment to promoting transparency, community engagement, and the continuous enhancement of the real estate landscape.

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