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Annual inspection currently underway

The annual inspection is currently underway for Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) to ensure all agents comply or adhere to the policies and regulations.

As part of REALBs yearly engagement, the compliance and monitoring team will make certain all agents have REALB license to operate, invoices and receipts issued as well as commission received.

So far, 76% of inspection has been covered in the Central Division – the remaining percentage constitute of those agents that are out of the country for medical reasons, office relocation and other matters.

The Western Division had a turnout percentage of 90.60% of which 29 out of 32 agents were inspected. The remaining percentage also constitute of those agents that are out of the country and cannot attend to the inspection because of flooding.

The REALB team are currently in the Western Division and have also conducted an awareness training in Lautoka yesterday.

Compliance and Monitoring Officer Vinal Singh says the main purpose of conducting the inspections is to ensure transparency and enable the Board to monitor the real estate industry.

REALB is once again reminding all our agents to submit their license applications on time to avoid process delays, be vigilant and operate within the ambits of the law.

For the general public, you can always contact us on any real estate matter, dealt with through a real estate agent.

Always ask questions if you are unsure, and make sure that proper documents are kept for your record.

For more information/details on this please contact REALB at their website:, email: or call 3300355.


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