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DATE: MARCH 26, 2020

Temporary Arrangement And Guidelines

Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) has put in place measures to avoid physical or face-to-face contacts with the clients and public at REALB office in Flagstaff, Suva.


This is in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which Fiji is experiencing now. REALB has taken temporary measures where we encourage the agents to submit the scanned copies of applications through electronic mails for vetting and processing.


The temporary guidelines are as follows:

All applications for renewal of agent’s license, approval of Salesperson, renewal of Salesperson certificates, approval for Branch Managers to be scanned and emailed to Vinal Singh on,


All meetings and inspections appointments scheduled through April 2020 are now postponed. You will be contacted by REALB staff to reschedule or discuss remote scheduling options; and Prescribed application fees to be deposited into REALB’s Bank of South Pacific account number 8402533 and remittance to be emailed to Finance Officer, Ashween Kumar on with respective narrations of the payment made.


REALB Chairman, Dr Abdul Hassan, said it was important for everyone to understand the risks of COVID-19 and the impact on human lives. “We are constantly in touch with Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism for any information, guidelines and precautionary measures needed by the staff,” Dr Hassan said.


“REALB is also following very closely the strategies put in place by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and National COVID-19 Task Force team and for their advice and guidance.” Effort is made by REALB to maintain normal office operation, but strongly discourage people to visit our office for enquiries or for other matters.


“To protect REALB staff we have equipped them with the hand gloves, surgical masks and hand sanitizers as advised by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services. “Individual can access REALB Facebook page for any updates, can call on 3300355 or 9980773 or send an email on for any information or enquiries.”


“It is to be noted that health of every individual is important, and it should be kept at a highest priority and concern ahead of business or other activities.” Dr Hassan said. The above measures taken by REALB will come into effect immediately and will be reviewed as and when the situation improves.

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