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Real estate business potential up North

Published Date : 19/03/2024

Real Estate Agents Licensing Board (REALB) compliance and monitoring officer Vinal Singh is optimistic about the growth of the real estate sector in the Northern Division.


After completing a day’s inspection of four real estate agents and conducting a road show in Savusavu last Thursday, Mr Singh said there was a lot of potential.


Mr Singh said the three real estate agents in Savusavu and one in Taveuni are performing well and are expected to continue growing.


He says Savusavu is becoming a hub for tourism, and with government policies focused on development in the North, more funds are likely to be diverted to the region.


He noted that there were more agents in Savusavu compared to other parts of Vanua Levu because of the increased numbers of properties, many of which are sold to foreigners.


These agents are actively working to bring more money into Fiji through various activities and marketing efforts.


Mr Singh emphasised the importance of dealing with registered agents and avoiding bogus agents who may absorb with clients money.


He reminded the public that REALB was a government-statutory body that conducted annual inspections to ensure compliance by all real estate agents and handles complaints against agents.


He advised people to be cautious when dealing with real estate agents.


Source: FIJI SUN

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