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REALB aims to elevate standards

Published Date : 06/02/2024

Chief Registrar of the Real Estate Agents Licensing Board Peni Komainavoka has outlined a series of initiatives planned for the year.


Emphasizing the importance of educational programs and data-driven strategic planning, Komainavoka expressed the board’s commitment to enhancing the real estate industry.


He highlights the necessity of providing training and consultation to agents to elevate industry standards.


The Registrar also recognized the board’s objective to gather and analyze data to inform strategic planning.


Acknowledging Fiji’s current success in the real estate sector, Komainavoka expressed optimism about building upon these achievements.


They are also looking at implementing new legislation, the amendment of the legislation, and the reaping of the 2% regulation shows the government’s commitment to the industry.


Komainavoka commended the government’s decision to repeal the two per cent commission ban on properties under $500,000.


This change, he adds enables real estate agents to negotiate commissions with vendors.


Highlighting the successful outcome of the 5th National Real Estate Conference as evidence of positive industry momentum,


Komainavoka expressed hope for continued progress throughout the year.



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