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Unverified cases of bogus real estate agents

Published Date : 30/03/2024

Many people have lost thousands of dollars for dealing with bogus agents, according to the Real Estate Licensing Board.

The board’s compliance and monitoring officer, Vinal Singh, confirmed they have received unverified cases of bogus agents operating up North.


“We have not yet received any official complaint yet, but when we do speak to people, they advise us that there are bogus agents in the North,” Mr Singh said.


“Anyone can be a victim of a scam regardless of age, qualification or gender, no group or individual is more susceptible than others.”

Mr Singh said there had been no cases reported because the public in the North was not aware of where to lodge their complaints.


“REALB is educating people on bogus agents and advising them that if they come across one to call our head office,” he said.


The sad part, Mr Singh said, they were targeting vulnerable people. “These bogus agents demand money from homeowners then run away.


“Bogus agents are taking people’s hard-earned money and people must avoid dealing with them.” Mr Singh said that before engaging an agent, the public must check and verify their ID cards.


“All registered agents and salespersons are provided with identification cards.


“It clearly states their names, agency, licence number and licence expiry date.”


Currently, Mr Singh said there were only four licensing real estate agents operating in Vanua Levu.

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