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Real estate industry faces skills shortage

Published Date : 01/02/2024

The shortage of skilled professionals is one of the major hurdles faced by the real estate agencies, as the industry in Fiji continues to thrive.


Bayshore Fiji Real Estate Director Arif Khan says individuals used to join real estate agencies after completing their Year 12 studies.

However, according to Khan, due to changing dynamics in the industry, this level of education is no longer sufficient to enter the industry.


“Now, I think you’re raising the standard. When you raise the standard in the real estate industry, then the vendor is happy, the buyers are happy, the investors are happy that we are able to deploy a high level of service comparable to our neighboring developed countries, you know.”

Bayleys Real Estate Limited Managing Director, Philip Toogood shares similar sentiments, saying a lot of agents do in-house training, but others don’t.


“And so if we’re going to meet the expectations, ethically and in the knowledge sense, that our agents are up to speed, we need training, we need qualifications so that people have the confidence that they’re dealing with a sound real estate base.”


Toogood says the Real Estate Licensing Board is currently working with the relevant tertiary institutions to develop education and qualification programs.



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