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Boom in real estate, says Govt

Published Date : 03/02/2024

The Fijian real estate sector is one of the single largest components of wealth in the country.


This was highlighted by the Deputy Prime Minister for Trade Manoa Kamikamica during the 5th National Real Estate Conference at the Pearl Resort on Friday.


Mr Kamikamica said Fiji was becoming a hotspot for property investments hinged on its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes.


“I see the real estate sector a s cornerstone of our nations progress, significantly contributing to economic growth, creating employment and promoting overall prosperity,” Mr Kamikamica said.


“It’s definitely more than bricks and mortar and making sales, but about the people who live, work and play within the spaces you create.”


Mr Kamikamica said this substantial surge in lending points to a growing confidence in the real estate market.


The growing confidence gives an indication that financial institutions are game to invest in a wider array of real estate projects.


He said a broader playing field and more opportunities for real estate agents to enter into various property transactions.


“While industry-specific data is very encouraging, lets not forget to tip our hats to all the real estate industry pros valuers, bankers, surveyors, architects, lawyers, builders.”


Source: FIJI SUN     

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