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Education is vital in the real estate industry

Published Date : 02/02/2024

The real estate sector is not an add-on but a cornerstone of the growth and development of our country.


This was highlighted by Minister of Trade and Commerce, Manoa Kamikamica during the 5th National Real Estate Conference in Pacific Harbor.


Kamikamica says the conference is all about trying to accelerate economic growth through various sectors, including the real estate sector.


“We should start thinking about working together and not working against each other to try and drive home what i would like to say as a more prosperous and successful country where poverty is addressed decisively.”


Kamikamica says the Fiji Bureau of Statistics data shows that the real estate sector contributed $287m or 3% of the annual output of GDP in 2022.


He reiterates that from yesterday the two percent cap on commission charged on properties below $500,000 has been repealed.


The Minister says they will bring in laws that are practical and can be achievable, however, this does not absolve the sector from being unfair to its customers.


He challenged the sector to uphold best practices in order to lift the standards and always be open to new possibilities.



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