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State to re-look rent freeze property

Published Date : 03/02/2024

Fiji’s rent freeze policy is now in Government’s “happy-to-look-at-it basket” as landlords continue to find ways around the policy.


The rent freeze policy was put in place by the former government in 2007, originally as a counter inflation measure that was later broadened to serve as a consumer protection policy and ensuring affordability of residential rental properties.


The policy, which expired in December 2021 and was renewed in January 2022, disallowed landlords from charging tenants rent for letting or continued letting of any premises under residential tenancy, including ground rent, in excess of the rent applicable to the same premises in December 2021.


“It’s in the happy-to-look-at-it basket, so happy to have a look at it,” Mr Kamikamica said.


“I know for a fact that a lot of landlords, when they want rent increases, they just remove the existing tenants and when the new tenant comes (they increase rent charges).


“It makes a mockery of the rent freeze, so it’s something that we can look at and create some controls around it. Rent monitoring is something that we want to do.


“But again, it’s certainly open to suggestions. Whilst there’s the suggestion that there’s a rent freeze, all of us know that that’s not really what’s happening on the ground. Rent is increasing because you just get asked to leave from where you’re staying after your rent expires, and then someone else takes over.”


Mr Kamikamica said with the reversal of the two per cent commission cap for the sale of residential properties below $500,000 completed, Government can now focus on the rent freeze policy.


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