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Case Study 1

Mr. Jai Kumar is a property owner based at lot 3 Lami back Road, with a Freehold land size of 1000m2. It has a newly built 3 bedrooms, inclusive of one master bedroom house. The property’s current valuation is $450,000.00, also it and it has a valid engineer’s certificate.

Mr. Jai Kumar has advertised the sales of his property on social media, with the above details. Mr. Siti Toms who is a registered salesperson with XYZ Realtors approached Mr. Jai Kumar, by phone and insisted that Mr. Jai Kumar give XYZ Realtors the rights to sell his property for 5% commission. Mr. Jai Kumar asked for some time to think.

In the meantime, Mr. Siti Toms went ahead and copied the advertisement placed by Mr. Jai Kumar on social media and started advertising in the local dailies and the XYZ Realtors website.

In this case, Mr. Siti Toms being a registered salesperson for XYZ Realtors failed to get the written consent from Mr. Jai Kumar before advertising the property for sale.

Also, Mr. Siti Toms failed to verify the relevant property details, such as valuation report, land size, and engineers’ certificate as it was advertised by the property owner Mr. Jai Kumar.

It becomes the duty of the real estate agent or salesperson to get the rightful owner’s consent before advertising or marketing any property for sales and get full property disclosures.

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